Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Hippie Mecca

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took Friday off work and traveled to Asheville, N.C., for a few days. I had been to Asheville once before with my family, but hadn't spent any time in the downtown area.

We opted to stay downtown where we could walk to most restaurants and pubs.

The main thoroughfare of Asheville is only slightly larger than that of Athens, Ga., where I spent four years during college. These two small cities have a great deal in common: many old brick buildings, a largely liberal environment surrounded by conservative areas.

However, Asheville appears to have a much larger hippie-to-fratty ratio. I saw far more white people (men and women) with dreads than I did Polo shirts. Asheville also has many breweries within the city (a major draw for my boyfriend).

I wish it was more common here in Atlanta for shops and restaurants (though there are places) to take pride in locally-produced items.

Overall, I had a wonderful weekend getaway complete with meandering through a farmer's market, hearing a drum circle, browsing vintage shops, visiting breweries and indulging in some delicious meals.

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