Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Everyone needs an Alice"

This is my parents' cat Alice. This post isn't actually about her, but isn't she cute? She loves the camera, if you couldn't tell.

As I mentioned in my previous post, while searching for the final ingredient for the laundry detergent recipe, I stumbled upon the site,, and have since become addicted.

I used to hate shopping for basics at the store: toilet paper, toothpaste, deoderant -- ugh. gives me the opportunity to shop for all of these things and more from my personal computer -- with free shipping -- and green options! Can you sense my obsession?

The only downsides I've noticed:
  1. After your first order (which they use to hook you), your shopping cart must have a minimum of six items before you can place an order. 
  2. Obviously with shopping online, you don't receive your purchases instantaneously, so you have to plan ahead a little. So far, though, my orders have arrived in 2-3 business days.
 I have experienced many more positive points:
  1. Product reviews and descriptions so you can compare and see what you're buying
  2. Prices lower or comparable to discount retailers such as Walmart and Target (especially when it comes to environmentally-friendly products)
  3. Alice keeps track of what you've purchased and you can set reminders to reorder
  4. A wide range of products and brands to choose from
  5. Ability to sort by "green" products
  6. Some items are marked with instant coupons, which are automatically deducted when you place an order
Here is a breakdown of my most recent order:
  • Green Laundry Dryer Balls (2 in the package): $7.99
  • Ultra Green Facial Tissue (1 box): $1.99
  • Earth Friendly Bathroom Tissue (2 packages of 4 rolls): $2.79 each = $5.58
  • Naturally Fresh Deoderant (1 stick -- I'm a little skeptical of this, to be honest. We'll see.): $3.99 - $0.25 coupon = $3.74
  • EconoGreen Kitchen Garbage Bags (box of 30): $4.99
 From all my bragging, it's obvious I've been very pleased since finding this website. I fully recommend giving it a try and seeing if this service can save you the hassle and gas from making so many trips to the store.

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