Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dangerously Cheesy!

I have always been a Cheetos girl. There’s just something about the cheesy, crunchy goodness that is so addicting.

I credit Cheetos (particularly the paws and twists) as one of my favorite snacks during an overweight stage in my childhood. 

Once I lost weight and became healthier, I switched to the baked variety. Sure they kind of taste like artificial cheese on cardboard. But I’m OK with that. I still pick these up from time to time.

But ever since I discovered Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Puffs, I’m hooked. They don’t taste like cardboard. To me, they taste just like a white cheddar version of the original flavor should. Plus, they don’t turn your hands orange.

They certainly aren’t worse (calorie-wise) than any regular chips I’d be eating with my lunch. And I feel slightly less terrible when I consume half a bag in one sitting like I did yesterday after buying a new bag. This is why I generally pack a set amount in a reusable container to take to work.

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