Saturday, July 10, 2010

Award Time

I'm accepting an award from Amanda at chai am woman — a really sweet lady who blogs about her family, her cute outfits and her new path in life as a hair designer.
She actually tagged me last week, but I have such difficulty thinking of little tidbits about myself that it has taken me until now to get this post up. Here goes:
  1. I was in Girl Scouts until 6th grade. I think many of my environmentalism tendencies have to do with what I learned through that experience. You know, leave a place nicer that you found it. And I still miss camping trips.
  2. My paternal grandmother was Russian but born in China. She met my grandfather when he was stationed there in the Marines. I wish I knew more of this story, but I don't. She spoke five languages, but her kids only ever learned English fluently. Therefore, I only know three Russian phrases: "Good night," "I love you," and "dog poo."
  3. I have a tendency to watch movies on TV when I already own them. Then I get mad at myself because I could just pop in the DVD and skip commercials. But I still watch every time.
  4. My diet mostly consists of cheese, hummus, fruit, spinach, cereal and natural cheetos. I should probably try to mix it up more.
  5. I love animals; I've always had a bunch of pets. Currently, my family has three cats and two dogs (and both dogs are puppies). I miss them all, and I'm hoping to adopt a cat of my own soon.

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    1. "And I still miss camping trips."
      This is one thing we do not have in common. Ha.