Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kitties, Kitties Everywhere

I've always been an animal lover. My family has had cats as long as I've been alive, and now Matt and I have two of our own.

Top is Jozy and bottom is Sandy. Both came from the Fulton County Animal Services. We chose to adopt from a shelter — somewhere where the animals weren't already in a somewhat pleasant situation. (Jozy was 1 of 4 in her cage, and Sandy was 1 of 5.)

Adopting a pet is no small decision — they require a lot of attention and care. Vet bills and animal medicine (read: sans insurance) are no laughing matter! But when adopting, most places will spay/neuter the pet before the leave to help with overpopulation.

I'm so happy to have a couple of sweet, furry companions now!

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