Monday, August 16, 2010

All Cats Go To Heaven

I vanished from here for a while, but it's been a tough time since my last post. Last time, I was so excited about my newest baby kitten. I was excited to introduce Jozy and Sandy so they could get to know each other and be sisters.

Unfortunately, Sandy didn't make it through the week. She was recently spayed and slightly sick when I brought her home, but she kept getting worse. I took her to the vet several times, gave the medicine she was prescribed. But her little body just wasn't strong enough.

When I took her to the vet the last time a week ago, I didn't know I would be leaving without her. I knew she was in bad shape, and I honestly worried she wouldn't make it through each night leading up to it.

The vet told it to me straight, and though I wasn't surprised, it was still difficult to hear. I knew I couldn't let her be in pain anymore, and I could tell she had given up.

It's been a sad experience. Thankfully, Jozy (who was also sick) is feeling much better. We do intend to adopt another kitten before too long. This time, though, it'll be from a person or from the vet where I've been many times recently.

As much as I'd like to try to save another kitten from the shelter, I can't go through this ordeal again. At least we have one happy pound kitty – Jozy is sleepily purring next to me as I type.

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