Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Incentives for Recycling

As long as I can remember, stores such as Publix and Walmart have had bins near the front door for returning plastic shopping bags for recycling. Target has taken it a step further, with many locations implementing more complete in-store recycling stations. The one closest to my apartment has separate receptacles for plastic shopping bags, glass/plastic/aluminum and one for used electronics.

I had already been drinking the Target Kool-Aid, but now I keep a full pitcher on hand cause I'm hooked.

A more complete listing of Target's "Go Green" initiatives can be found here. I know these large box stores get a bad rap (and with good reason, since they generally drain surrounding resources), but I realize they aren't going anywhere. They're just too freakin' convenient!

A 5¢ discount every time you use a reusable bag. A $1 credit toward a reusable bad for turning in five plastic bags (through a partnership with TerraCycle). Gift cards for trading in old electronics (through a partnership with Next-Worth). Plus on Earth Day last week, stores gave out free reusable bags — I got mine!

But at least this particular chain is taking some major steps to look out for the environment. Walmart is coming around too: stores around the country are carrying TerraCycle products thru Thursday, when the experimental program concludes. (Maybe I missed it, but Walmart didn't seem to do nearly enough advertising since I just found out about it while researching for this post.)

Likely, these are places you already shop so it doesn't require too much effort to take in recyclables — especially when there's a reward involved.

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